So Done With Hard!

I’m Done With Hard

I have done work only for money. Tedious work. Dirty work. Boring work.  In every moment I focused solely on the work, it became hard. In every complaint, I struggled. But in every moment I remembered how I was using the money, the brightness of the goal dimmed the struggle in the work.  In every moment I acknowledged that I love being voluntarily self-supporting, the work turned into the means, not some lifelong burden. I want the life I want, I love funding it and I love living it. 

Today I have a choice: Ask for what I love or Ask for what I don’t want. I can choose to focus on the goal. When I do that, it’s easy. When I don’t, it’s hard. I’m done with hard.

Great Employer, guide my eyes to the prize and my heart to the joy of service. 

I have more prayers in my newest book: