Community of Love

Thank You for This Community of Love

I love people! Everywhere I go I find people who are so kind and funny and loving. I gather people who want to get together and sing, and the world is full of people who want to sing. Everywhere I go I find people who want to gather for dinner and gather to be in service, support, and love.

It’s easy to be alone. We could almost not notice that we are a community of friends who haven’t met. But we are a community and we aren’t loners and the blessing of friends is beyond magical.

This is who we are: strangers alone, waiting to be invited to community. We are called to belong, and I have become an inviter. It is the greatest gift I have. So many wonderful people are waiting to be invited and are so happy to say “Yes!” If I could give you anything, I’d give you the great prosperity that comes to those who invite and to those who accept the invitation to community.

We carry a painful illusion of alone, but it’s only an illusion. In truth, we have a bond. We recognize something familiar in each other. We recognize love.
We are wonderful!
Thank you for this community of love!

Thank you!

Excerpted from my newest book, Your Life Is Your Prayer

Thank you!