Something Didn’t Happen

At midnight I awoke in a panic—concerned that Something was going to happen, that it was happening NOW! The topic was specific. The Something was vague. This panic seldom happens to me, but when it does, it’s always vague.
I did what any truly enlightened person would do: I got up and ate crackers and cheese, the sedative of gods. I asked myself “What is the worst that could happen?” and I got my blah blah blah answer. I asked, “What other Somethings have ever happened?” and I did have a list—10 things. How did they turn out? I’m sitting on a hill in a new motor home having lunch and typing this. The sun is shining, sky is blue, hills are green. I’ve got the door open and the incredible cellist, Travis Nutsch, is sitting just outside the door playing (you should be so lucky!!) So, how did those 10 Somethings turn out? Pretty darn good. As good as possible. “WOW!” good.
Suzanne and I have already made a list of the incredible ways this Something might turn out. We’re good at this and I’m curious if either of us have foreseen it exactly. This or something better.
Laura Joplin and I wrote a song, I Love This Life.* It has a verse I truly love:
“The hills are turning green again.
The wheel is spinning in the wind.
Heading for some unknown end
and the chance to come back ‘round.”

All of my unknown ends have led to this glorious moment. I won’t wake up in a panic tonight. The rest of the crackers and cheese will last another day. This Something won’t happen, but a glorious unknown end certainly awaits. I’m imagining raising my glass of sparkling water in a toast to us all:
“To blue skies and green hills, unknown ends, and Something never happens.”
*You can find the song, I Love This Life, on Youtube at sambeasleytv. You can also find Travis Nutsch on youtube.
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