Clarifying Prayers

Most of us were taught to pray for what we believe are the means to something we want, rather than pray for what we want. A lifetime of doing this gives us the defeating idea that a.) we are alone in this process of living a happy, successful life, and b.) that we are each supposed to just magically know how to make things happen (we don’t.)
Maybe it’s not as hard as we’ve been taught. Maybe we can ask Something Greater for a little encouragement, support, or guidance in having the experiences that we want. Here is an exercise that might help. If you’d like to try it, grab a piece of paper and copy this exercise. Take the time to fill in the blanks in the prayers below. If you can do ten, great! If not, do as many as you can.
If I only had __________ Then ______would be true.
1____________________ __________________
2____________________. __________________
When you are done, cross out the entire left column. From now on, pray for what you wrote in the right column. Skip the means on the left and pray for the actual goal on the right. You don’t need to tell Something Greater how to help you accomplish everything in the righthand column.*
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*© 2007 Sam L Beasley