Clear Vision

I’m Looking Forward To Clear Vision 

In one month I’m having cataract removal surgery. My vision has slowly deteriorated and it has reached the point where new eye glasses will no longer correct it. I’ve been aware that I haven’t had truly clear vision for some time and it finally reached a point where I was more willing to see an eye surgeon than I was to go on looking through a misty cloud. 

It was so easy to visit the eye doc, get an exam, and have her tell me she will return me to clear vision. If only it could always be so easy to get clarity! I’ve spent some time living in that other fog—not knowing what I want, where to turn, how to start. I definitely could have used a Vision doctor.  I’ve spent years knowing something was “wrong”, but not being able to name it. I’ve spent decades avoiding turning to Something Greater for vision correction and clarity, settling instead for the internal dissonance of wandering lost, not even certain how to focus prayer. 

Today, I’m so aware of how powerful it is to go forward in clarity that I’m unwilling to take an unguided step forward.  I know I’m not my best Source of guidance and I know where to turn—to that Something within or without. In those moments when I lose the map I know that clarity is the only thing I need and I have this prayer:

Divine, please return me to clarity. If I’m missing the message, could you please put bells and whistles on it?  Thank you!

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