Values & Valuables

If there is an ideal guide for our day-to-day lives, it’s our values—those areas in which we invest our currencies of time, money, energy, faith, psychic energy, and prayer. We are either investing in what we value, or we are funding someone else’s values. The latter is true way too often.
Knowing what we value requires a certain level of consciousness and a willingness to do some simple values exercises. It’s quite easy to narrow a big list of values down to the top five or ten. That small group will do a great job of informing any one of how to spend their life. (There were times in my own life when I lacked adequate consciousness for this task. My strongest guides were whatever felt good in the moment—not always the healthiest choices. I would willingly sacrifice long-term goals and values for quick-fix-feel-good experiences. I’m grateful I survived.)

When we learn how to honor what we value, life has a special rhythm. The pieces fit in place and the days flow gracefully. We embrace ease.

At times, we can confuse the actual values with what we think will fulfill those values. People often think that if they just had more money, they would be happy. Research shows that a little more money can indeed increase happiness up to a point, but all the money in the world won’t bring happiness if we remain unfulfilled in what we value. If we happen to drift toward a “should” value or a “used to” value, life can get glitchy and hard and unpleasant. When we notice it, we can get right back on the values track and return to fulfillment.
If you don’t know your top five values, start listening to your mind and heart. You may begin to hear them calling you. I hope you follow those calls. They are calling you to your ideal life!
Divine, Allow my heart to hear my values and my feet to follow them. Thank you!

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