Unchallenged Unsupportive Untruths


I am blessed to live in the community of artists and in the community of business owners and leaders (and some of us cross between these worlds).  I have the opportunity to see ideas turn into songs and sculptures, and visions turn into services, manufacturing, and work forces.  I also see ideas complete or get paralyzed before they’re fully manifested and I see them die on the vine.  

I find it hardest to watch the struggle that some artist/entrepreneurs go through when fear keeps an artist’s feet from stepping forward or when a beautiful idea gets entangled with the maybes—“Maybe this is how I’m going to get rich,” “Maybe this is how I will find fame,” “Maybe this is what it will take to finally be loved.”

I do think this has to do with an absence of self-care and self-appreciation, and self -admiration, AND what I refer to as Source Confusion—assigning source to anything other than Big Source. 

When we think fame and consistent abundant money are solely our responsibility, we are facing hard times. Those conditions are mostly unattainable by human hands.  When we think business and money areSource, we’re doomed to disappointment, frustration, and wondering why other people seem to know the secrets for success that continuously elude us. (Others mostly don’tknow those secrets.) 

I learned this the hard way (and that’s a crowded classroom!) It took years to understand that I am most creative from an overall condition of stability. In instability, the uncertainty and fear kills creativity.  The insistence that every calling had to become my new Source for every area of deprivation was a surefire way to never move forward. 

I’m so grateful that often enough I have been able to step forward in art, in love, and in business.  Occasionally the success and willingness meter for my journey into the new and unknown has tipped away from “It’s hopeless” and toward “It has worked for others and it might work for me.”

Sometime back, I learned that a force greater than me is the source of fame and prosperity. I try not to confuse myself with the thought “I have a new vision. Divine must be getting ready to give me money through manifestation of this new vision.”  If I get a vision, I usually say to that Greater Force,  “I will follow this vision AND you know I like prosperity, so please take care of that.”  What I never do say is “Make this vision bring me prosperity.”  

If you are stuck between brilliant ideas and manifestation paralysis, here are some suggestions: 

Create a list of the times your Divine Force has so fully abandoned you that you had to step in and clean up God’s holy mess. Then contact me and talk to me about your list. 

If you’re scaring yourself with deprivation, stop it. It doesn’t help. Give yourself enough. If you’re abandoning yourself, stop it. I won’t tell you that no one is going to rescue you and give you the life you deserve, but I am telling you that you are too important to wait for that someone to come. Most of us want to be happy, free, and peaceful. Don’t make yourself wait any longer. Give yourself what you want and need.

We mostly scare ourselves by not caring for ourselves—it leaves us in a near-constant state of uncertainty for our well-being.  We scare ourselves by accepting repeated verbal and emotional attacks from our own speaking and from others. (Some of it’s subtle, like “That’s just the way it is.”) 

We scare ourselves by leaving unsupportive untruths unchallenged. Most of these fall into the “There is not enough money, not enough love, not enough time, at least not for me” categories. They aren’t true, but we aren’t  committed to intervening with actual truth.  As an artist, this can be a vision killer. Allowing our own thinking and the thinking of others to influence us with unchallenged untruths can really kill inspiration. (Watch out for your version of “The only real success is money and fame.”)

Inspiration is divine revelation and it vanishes when I forget that all is well.  So: Here are some thoughts/prayers that might be useful in bringing a new experience to life, business, possibility, Art:

“It’s a good thing I don’t speak for God. Thank you!

“It’s a good thing All That Is has my back.  Thank you!”

“It’s a good thing people love me!”

“I don’t really have to worry about_____________, but I could use some guidance from Spirit and friends about what to do next.”

“I often don’t have the answer, but I’m not alone and WE always have the answer.”

“I have received this artistic vision from God. I don’t know what Greater Wisdom has in mind, but I’m following it.”

“If The Force of Life gives me 9 strange inspirations to follow that don’t seem to go anywhere, I’m following them. I bet they are preparing me for #10.”

“The next time I’m stuck with a thought that doesn’t feel empowering, I will call someone who is supportive and ask for a new thought. I wonder if that’s what Holy Love had in mind all along?”

“Spirit, You’ve made me into an artist and I will follow these artistic callings. I’d really like it if you could take care of me in that process, or guide me to increased self-care.”

“Highest Power, please free me of any connection between art, money, love, and fame.”

“HP, I hear this artistic calling. I also hear the blah, blah, blah of  doubt. I’m going to follow the calling. I’d appreciate it it if you’d handle the doubt.”

I invite you to give this a try—hear the doubts, but challenge them with an overall thought of “I am not a mistake” in 1000 forms. In my experience, the doubts mostly go away. 

I’ve read that the number one difference between the successful and the not so successful is that, when faced with fear, the successful go forward while afraid. I hope some of these prayers allow you to take that one step forward. 

You can find more prayers and inspiring thoughts in my newest book, Your Life Is Your Prayer.