Reaching Out In Love #2

Reaching Out In Love #2

I can see the world of peopleHands are reaching, Reaching out in peace, Reaching out in love.

I can see the sun is shining, I feel the warm rays Reaching out to comfort us, Reaching out in love.

I can hear the sound of laughter— Can’t help but smile; it’s reaching out to touch my heart, It’s music to my ears.

I can see the tired and hungry—hands are reaching, Reaching out to feed them all, reaching out in love.

I can see the world so bright and clear. Every cloud that I recall has all disappeared.

I can see the lost and lonely— Hands are reaching out to show the way, Reaching out in love, Reaching out in love.

“Please clear my vision And fill my eyes with love.”

BJ GALLAGHER and I have published our collection of prayers in our newest book, Your Life Is Your Prayer