Heavy on the Thank You’s

As far as I can tell, there is no guarantee that we ever get to be born on earth. I can’t know for certain, but it’s possible that it’s beyond our (the really big “OUR”) control.  And here we are, living everywhere, living very different lives, living. 

It may not be a choice to get here, but it is mostly our choice whether or not we stay. I use the word “mostly” because I lost my life rule book and I can’t remember if there are conditions imposed on death. But we are here, living.  I’ve tried it a few different ways:

—chanting that life is awful;

—trying to convince myself in the moment that the hard struggles are good (and sometimes they turned out well);

—living in”Maybe”: Maybe I can’t see a big enough picture, Maybe my assessment is inaccurate, Maybe the way things have transformed so incredibly in the past indicates that these current situations will transform as well. I like all of those. “Maybe” is one of my favorite freedom words. 

I haven’t always been able to say this, but I really like it here! Every day I’m baffled by the experience and, at age 69, I’ve come to appreciate that. I wouldn’t trade this life for anything!

I had to work my way to liking it here. A long time ago it got way too unpleasant trying to live while disliking life. I slowly began to experiment with “Thank you.”  At first I didn’t know what for, but I was trusting the suggestion of someone I respected. I can remember thinking “Thank you for not having it be worse.”  That was an improvement and it felt a little better. The more gratitude I had, the more I began to see glimmers of “It’s not all bad”, “Some of life is good,” then “Wow! I really love this!”

I never thought I’d end up loving it here. I never expected to be in the Great Love and have grandchildren I adore who love me. I didn’t realize I’d be someone who creates jobs for people so that they can be self supporting. I couldn’t have imagined that I would be so able and willing to be in service to others and so grateful for that experience.  Who knew “Thank you” could be that powerful?

Today I’m going heavy on the thank yous. It’s noon and I’ve said it and meant it at least a dozen times so far. I’m saying it and meaning it at this very moment. That’s my best thinking on creating this life recipe: Add a dash of Maybe.  Throw in a good supply of curiosity. Sprinkle with surrender. And, above all else, go heavy on the Thank Yous. It’s an excellent dish. 

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