A Treasure Trove of Appreciation

Sometime back, I asked a group of wealthy people if they could set a wealth goal, achieve it, and stop. To a person, they said “No.” I don’t have evidence that they spoke for all wealthy people. I may have thought I was selecting them randomly, but somehow wasn’t.
I came away from this with a commitment to set a goal of enough and have it be enough. It wasn’t incredibly hard, but I came to understand why those others said “No.” I envisioned a lifestyle and priced it one component at a time, until I was able to determine how much would be enough. By the time I had enough, I had so enjoyed the process I wanted to keep doing it. I didn’t need more or even want more, but I wanted to be engaged in gaining more. In pursuing enough, the goal changed from enough to let’s do it again!
I wanted the experience of my original commitment and wrote this prayer to become my guide:

To have a little be enough, Enough to be plenty, Plenty to be abundance, Abundance to be Wealth.
To have enough be enough; To reach Enough and stop; To stop in deep appreciation; To have appreciation be a treasure trove; To find treasure in a little; To have a little be enough.”

You can find more prayers in my newest book, Your Life Is Your Prayer,