One year ago, someone I didn’t know—Laurie Dana, posted on fb “Does anyone want to do one new thing everyday for one year?”  I assumed she’d get 20 yeses, but I guess it was just her and me. 

I did some amazing things this year!  Several bucket list items. I started 3 new businesses. BJ GALLAGHER and I co-wrote and had a book published (Your Life Is Your Prayer). I spent a week with Suzanne Lorenz and Sandra Hallock 300 km south of the Arctic Ocean in search of aurora. I jumped into rivers I’d crossed 100 times. I started a blog. I took on a young biz partner and began mentoring her.  I reconnected with old friends and made new friends. I donated money to at least 100 important causes (maybe 200) and gave more $ than I’ve ever given in my life. For our 30th Anniversary, Suzanne and I wrote a song together and made a video and posted it on Sambeasleytv. I posted other new songs. I loved new people, hugged new friends,   Walked close to 1000 miles, dramatically changed my eating, lost 17 lbs, had a new trust done, got my first tattoo at age 68, took 2 grandkids fishing for the first time, did some incredibly lucrative and useful writing, and did my best to be in service everyday. I passed 23 years of being entirely self-supporting (no debt and no debting) and I passed 33 years sober. I met Laurie Dana in person and saw her perform. I walked across 2-3 dozen bridges in 6 states and two countries. I had my first astrology reading. I loved my sisters and my family every day (all of them).  I loved Suzanne for the 54th year we’ve known each other. 

What I most noticed about taking on a commitment to do one new thing everyday was how consciously engaged I was in my life.  It was such an appealing experience to never let a day slip by without introducing and appreciating something new!  I can’t help but want everyone to have this experience. 

Throughout this year I’ve had two prayers that were my constant companions. One was incredibly simple (and enormous):

                        Thank you. 

The other prayer that was with me everyday almost doesn’t have words, but it’s in every cell in my body. The best I can describe it is: 

     I am here.  I’m awake. I feel Life coursing through every part of me. I’m so grateful to be here. I’m so grateful for this experience. Thank you for every day.  

You are welcome to try these prayers or any that I’ve written. I’ve collected some of my favorites in a new book: