Following A Call

When I hear a different calling, or spot the unworn path that grabs my soul,
I will turn down that road. I will find the time to go. I’ll take my chance and dance that dance and learn to take it slow and I will turn down that road.

I love this life. I love the sweet surprises—they are more than I could have ever dreamt. I hope it never ends. Ahead, I see a path that wanders. I can’t tell where it goes. I don’t need to know.

I have tried to walk the straight and narrow, to keep my eyes ahead and my mind set on the goal. Today I hear the music of a different calling. I see the unknown path and it thrills my soul. I will turn down that road.

Here is my prayer for my wanderer’s soul:

Great Unknown, help me remember I have the time to go.
Remind me that I can take the chance and dance the dance
And learn to take it slow.
Guide my eyes and turn my feet and aim them down that road