Lily of the Field

Please remind me I’m a Lily of the Field

I pray I never forget that everything I have ever had or ever will have was already here when I arrived.  It will be here when I’m gone. While I’m here it all gets moved around a little, but it’s all still here.

I pray I never grasp too tightly. Give me the job of moving it around, a little to this person, a little to that person. Give me hands that remain open to receive. I look forward to moving what fills my hands on to others. 

I pray I never fear that time is vanishing—that I will always have time to give and time to spare. 

I pray that I’m never too busy to smile, never too busy to share laughter.

I pray that my arms will always hug, my heart will always love.  I haven’t run out of love yet.

Please allow me to remember that all things are always on “Full” and, if I start fearing emptiness or impoverishment, please help me consider the lilies of the field and remind me that I am a lily.

Excerpted from my latest book, Your Life Is Your Prayer, available at