The Trouble With Curbs


Here is an unfortunate truth: older people fall. “Older” people fall. Here is another truth that feels unfortunate to me: I’m older (I’m not that old!) and I’ve been taking some falls this year. Concrete curbs are great for this—they jump up and trip older people. But there are other kinds of curbs that can trip us up, really hurt, and cause significant damage. 

I’ve worked with many people who are having trouble with those other kinds of curbs: they’re curbing their faith, curbing their ambition, their youthfulness, their excitement, their inspiration, their willingness to take risks, curbing follow through with actions to fulfill their dreams, and curbing enthusiasm (“enthusiasm” comes from enetheos: God within, inspired, filled with God, possessed by a god.)

I just finished physical therapy for help with my balance so that I don’t trip on curbs.  It definitely helped with balance and confidence.  I’ve been working on those other types of curbs for 30+ years. One at a time, I’ve stopped tripping over these: I wanted to be right and smart and I refused to consider faith; I didn’t know how to have money work in my life, but I wanted to be right and smart and I wouldn’t ask for help. “Right” and “smart” were troublesome curbs for me for many years. I tripped on the curbs of “I can’t earn much money”, “I can’t be truly successful”, “I will never be enough or have enough”, “Excess is good” (Or: betterkeepthis-ism.) At times, I’ve had more curbs to trip on than I’ve had roads to carry me forward.  One at a time, I’ve acknowledged them and found safe passage beyond them.   

Bringing a little mindfulness to my thinking has helped each time:

      —“Maybe this thinking isn’t real”

     —“Maybe it’s not the truth”

     —“Maybe it’s not accurate”

Intentionally and repeatedly introducing thoughts like these can move us beyond many curbs to freedom. When mindfulness alone isn’t helping, I use this prayer:

     Divine, I’ve tripped on this curb of thoughts and beliefs for so long. Please help me with balance and relieve me of this myth!

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