I was in a museum in a tornado region and saw a sign that read,


Through Adjacent Door”

That’s all we need, isn’t it?  Once in awhile we need a little temporary refuge.  It definitely isn’t through the door we came through—if it was, we wouldn’t be needing it, would we?

 If we only knew where that “adjacent door” was located, or what it looks like, or what kind of a door it might be. Or, is it always the same? I’ve found it in many places. I can say one thing certain about it: when I need it, it isn’t me. 

Some forms it has taken in my life: my loving partner, Suzanne Lorenz, my sisters, my cousins, my wonderful friends, my support team. I’ve found it in beauty, in love, in nature, in a couple of different groups of people who stepped in with guidance. I’ve never thought of a divine being as “The Area of Temporary Refuge,” but that’s a great description. In those moments of needing refuge, any earnestly spoken appellation might do.  Even “The Adjacent Door.”  

The next time my heart and soul need refuge, I hope I quickly remember it isn’t in the exact spot I’m in, the exact state of being I’m temporarily inhabiting. I hope to look around and spot an adjacent door, a Divine portal that I can step through and return to Wholeness and Peace.  I hope I remember this prayer:

Please allow me to see the door to Temporary Refuge. I will step through and rest for awhile. Thank you. 

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