There have been times when, if you had seen me, it would have appeared that I was broken. I wasn’t. There have been times when it would have appeared my situation was desperate. It wasn’t. I might have told you that all was lost, but it would have been inaccurate. I may have said that my situation was the fault of one or more of any number of villains. Wrong.
In the past, I found myself caught in the role of a desperado in a tragedy that lasted for years. When the play finally ended, I went home and found a life with a wonderful wife and family, prosperity, joy, service, and love. I took off my costume and makeup, left the role of that shattered man on the stage, and went home.
I don’t know how other great actors create their characters, but I did it by convincing myself the role was truly my life. Judging by the way people acted around me, I convinced them as well. I’m glad that play ended.
I don’t think I would take on a role like that again. As fulfilling and consuming as that shattered role was, I’m enjoying my current state of being whole. Now I live in a play where all of the characters are whole, no matter how they appear, and most of them seem to inwardly and outwardly project and reflect that wholeness. I do as well.
This is my commitment to me and you: I won’t see us as broken. I won’t look at me or you and see anything other than a human being living in a state of “all is well.” If you’re hungry, I will feed you, but I will know you are whole. If you are lonely, I will sit and talk with you and I will know you are whole. If you need a hand up, my hand is out, and I will know you as whole.
This fits my chosen beliefs: if there is a Divine, we are whole. Appearance doesn’t change that. Our hard experiences and challenges don’t change that. Whole. Unbroken. With and in integrity.
If you are having a hard time knowing you are whole, here is a prayer:
Father, Mother, God, Spirit of my soul, look through your eyes and see me whole, whole, whole.

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