Curious Skills

I am blessed with recognizing vision: usually visions of new business opportunities, new songs, prayers, or books to write, new and unknown roads to travel, new ways to serve others. Surprisingly, one of my most curious skills is an ability to delay or suppress those visions. I wreck any excitement in the visions. My most-used tools for accomplishing that are:

  1. I can wreck them by declaring that I have to do it by a certain date, and
  2. I can wreck them by declaring that I should have done them by a certain date.
    How do I select those dates? I make them up and never question it. I pretend they are set-in-stone deadlines that I absolutely must meet, or that I’ve already missed and, invariably, the “must meet” dates become the “already missed it” dates.
    I’ve been asking myself why I, or why any of us would take something as wonderful as a vision and wreck it until it becomes an unpleasant, undone, almost unwanted task. The brilliant and wonderful artist-author-therapist, Suzanne Lorenz, LCSW, (my marriage and business partner!) suggested that not getting into action is great way of “…avoiding the overwhelming, joyful energy of an exciting vision.” I think she is accurate.
    I love “joyful energy.” I have plenty of it—way more than I ever thought I would receive in this life. I’ve had to develop skills for being in that joyful energy because, in the past, I ran from it, numbed it away, or wrecked all of it. I’m quite skilled now at seeing it, taking a breath and embracing it, and saying “Thank You” to the Source of all visions. And sometimes I go on autopilot wrecker mode, almost without noticing. I have a list now of visions I am unconsciously converting to burdens—not as long a list as I used to have, but there are several visions on it. I would like to like to let the list go and see if I can fully embrace the “overwhelming, joyful energy” of those visions.
    I’m praying a new prayer and, if you find yourself on the vision wrecker crew, you can borrow it until you create your own:

Divine Source, I recognize this Vision Gift. I will breathe and embrace it and breathe and embrace it and breathe and embrace it. Thank you for the joy!

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