A Boundless Point of View

Today I will enjoy life
from a boundless point of view

Boundless Possibility, in my heart of hearts I know that all things are possible, I am as free as my mind can allow. Today I will allow, explore, and experience freedom beyond my wildest dreams. I will stand on the overlook and witness the vast beauty in freedom. I will go forward with the heart of a pioneer.

Today I will greet all thoughts of limitations as gifts—angelic neon signs flashing “Look here! Look here! Beyond this thought is the road to freedom!” Today I will open each closed gate. I will set aside each barricade.

Boundless love! Boundless prosperity! Boundless joy! Today I will see a path of service greater than I have ever known. In my heart of hearts I know all joys are worth allowing.

Excerpted from my latest book:Your Life Is Your Prayer https://www.amazon.com/Your-Life-Prayer-Spiritual-Everything/dp/1633539709