Simple, Healthy Vision

The media often reports stories of successful visionaries who achieve extreme wealth—tens of millions or hundreds of millions of dollars. The stories wouldn’t gain much attention if the visionary made $1 million, though most of us would be quite happy with that level of abundance. Big wins are big stories and they can give us a skewed view of what vision looks like, how much money vision generates, or even whether vision always generates money.
Not all visions are about money. Art museums are full of visions that weren’t about money on the days they were manifested. (Those visions were about inspiration manifested through hands and dreams.) Money might be a poor criterion for vision—it practically eliminates the idea that most visions aren’t about money at all.
Many visions aren’t grand ideas or something unique, nor should they be. Two days ago, I had the vision of receiving great hugs and today I had the vision of taking a long and exquisite nap. I was blessed with both. We can have a vision of a healthy, simple, functional life. In fact, if any part of life isn’t healthy, that would be a great place to start identifying the ideal. Imagining a life of health and peace is its own great abundance.
If you long for fame and wealth, dream big. In the meantime, a life in simple abundance: good food, friends, safety, love, will feel like heaven and will be a great springboard for your dreams. That would be an extravagant life lived grandly. The happiness and serenity from creating a life of simple abundance and safety are as glorious as they might be in any grand life you can imagine.
If I longed for a vision today, I hope I would pray this prayer:
Spirit, bless me with appreciation for the beauty and joy of a simple, healthy life. Thank you.

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