New Sunday Night Prayers

I overheard someone say, “In the morning and on Mondays, there is a chance that all is well.” I was surprised to hear anyone say this and, when I asked her about it, she said she was kidding. That sounded a little more normal.
I would expect to hear people say, “Mondays suck and I wake up most days with the Brain of Doom.” Mondays and mornings are hard for many people. Monday morning follows Sunday night thoughts of “Oh %&#! I have to start over tomorrow.” Who knows what dreams we wake up from on Monday morning when we went to sleep the night before in hopeless gloom?
We could probably all use a Sunday night prayer to set the tone for our week. We hear people praying openly on Sunday night and it’s not good. Sunday night is the death knell of the living-for-Friday life. It’s the bell declaring that freedom is over. Can’t there be a better prayer than, “Dear God, doom is upon me.”?
It could be hard to jump straight to singing “Oh, Happy Day,” but baby steps could work. We could start with “Is there any chance I could wake up with a little hope, joy, peace, curiosity, or excitement tomorrow?” Or “Maybe this week can be different.” Anything has to be better than “Doom is upon me.”
It’s Sunday night. I encourage you to give it a try. If the best you can do is “Divine, maybe,” that’s a good place to start. A journey of a thousand smiles starts with the tiniest steps.
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