Herdin’ Brats

I occasionally start putting off completing little tasks (and some big tasks.) I think that I am putting them off from morning “just till this afternoon,” then suddenly, it’s evening. Some of the tasks can’t be done in the evening, so they get rescheduled for the next day. Another gets added, then it’s two things, three things, four things. Today, it’s nine tasks that will take a maximum of two hours to complete. At some point something clicks, and I become a task-completion master.
I’m a successful guy and I have no idea why this happens (about once each month.) My only explanation: inner brat. Something in there starts saying, “No.” “No, I will not do what you want.” “No, I will not do what works.” I like to think that it may not be my inner brat. Maybe it’s someone else’s brat I invited over and he forgot to go home.
I’ve talked to other people who have moments where they can’t even get started. I guess that, on some days, there are hoards of us out there herdin’ brats, trying to get them back in the corral, back in line, back on track. The people I’ve talked to about this are as baffled as I am. We may be leaders inspiring others to great goals—and we can’t even get ourselves to clean the garage or schedule an eye exam or call an old friend who we really love!!!
I’m a senior with silver hair and some miles behind me. Do the years and experience help solve this? No, they do not. On my good days, I give up trying. If I couldn’t fix it the first attempt or the tenth attempt, I’m probably not going to fix it this time. On those days my prayer is simple:
That pretty much covers it and there isn’t much point in adding more words. In brat management, the ideal prayer is simply
Divine, Please.

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