Spirit, Tune Me In

At the entrance of the hotel I’m in today, there is a sign that reads,
“Please be aware that the electronics in this hotel are protected by an electric alarm system that notifies the front desk when components are disconnected.”
I read this and immediately thought, “Wouldn’t it be wonderful if I had a system to immediately notify me when components of my being disconnect?” I’m human and I get disconnected in different areas on a regular basis:
~I can’t tell if I’m thirsty and forget to drink water
~I can’t tell if I’m hungry and forget to eat
~I can’t tell if I’m hungry and eat unconsciously
~I can’t tell if I’m longing for human contact and I isolate
~I can’t tell if I’m sad, mad, or feeling bad
~I can’t tell if I’m tired and drink coffee to fix me
I eventually realize what’s true, but I can really misuse time or cause psychic/spiritual bruising before I do. It’s a quick jump from unrecognized hunger to, “Life isn’t going well.” In the blink of an eye I can go from longing for human contact to some version of, “Something is wrong with life, me, you, this, that, everything.”
This hotel sign has inspired me and reminded me that I can connect with myself more often and see what’s going on. It happens more quickly than it used to—I can notice in hours or days what used to take months and years. This sign has revealed a new prayer:

Spirit, tune me in. Thank you!

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