Always Blessed, Always Helping

It’s a cultural belief that we become flawed and, if we can eliminate the flaws, we are good and God will be pleased and reward us with our Vision and we will sit at the right hand of God. 

We don’t start out flawed. We start out human and we live a life filled with human experiences. If we allow it, those experiences can be perfect for our learning process. 

I was in Hamburg, wearing a money belt with $1000-$1500 in British pounds in it and another with Euros in it. Somehow I lost the belt with the pounds in it. Im guessing someone had their breath knocked out of them when they found it and opened it. 

So: how bad am I? I’m not. It took me a minute to realize it wasn’t catastrophic. Once I realized that, it became an opportunity to celebrate and trust that I’m used to help others along the way. I trust that I’m always used to help others. It was opportunity to live in gratitude for all I’ve been given and to be grateful for all I had left. It was a chance to be ever curious about the process of this life. 

For the 10% of the time I remember that, I’m blessed. For the 90% of the time I forget that, I’m blessed and don’t know it.  For now, here is my prayer:

Divine: Remind me that I’m always blessed and to trust that we are always helping each other along the way. 

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