In Peace

Between my despair and some Great Spirit I find a way to live in peace, in love, in easy, in joy, in free, in peace. I’m human and flawed and grand. In spite of recurring despair throughout my life—and maybe because of the peace—I love this life.  If we can come back, I‘ll be the first to raise my hand.

The pendulum has swung my whole life—the Great Spirit on my left, despair on my right. But, after I got some training from others In the middle of my life, it began to occasionally come to rest on Peace. It stops more often now and stays stopped longer. 

I’ve lived with fear, and laughter, and hard, and ease. For every pendulum swing to sorrow, it has swung to singing free. I didn’t know when I was younger that peace was possible, but it is. If you could use a little peace, reach out to others. I didn’t find it on my own and you don’t need to either. 

It turns out there is a balance. As far as I know, it’s available. I know that, beween my despair and some Great Spirit, I find a way to live in peace.

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