In pursuit of dreams, I’ve had many moments when I was certain the road forward came to an end. In those moments I’ve been overwhelmed with despair, defeat, anger, blame, and regret. I’ve faced those terminal points completely willing to give up. Sometimes I’d say I was upset, while quietly celebrating quitting.  Other times I’d dive right in to that deep pool of blame and resentment. 

It took a complete reworking of my belief system before I began to notice that, even when the pavement ends, the journey continues. I began to understand that, when the road ends at the shore, it’s time to build a boat.  I’m now convinced that if I’m called forward, the route exists—if I can see beyond the barriers. 

Most of the time my road forward reappears in moments of forgiveness. Nothing builds a stronger wall than blame and resentment. Nothing clears those walls away like forgiveness. It may be our superpower. 

Today my path forward is clear and I’m on my way. It’s smooth and flat and I’m ready to travel. If it seems like I hit a wall, I won’t sink into despair. 

My prayer:  

If it looks like the road ends, I will look up and climb!