The Inertia of Prayer

When we have a vision of what is next, we forget that our old, previous prayers have inertia. Those prayers are not going to immediately stop manifesting just because we have a new prayer. We don’t realize that our new prayer takes very conscious intention to even remember it. If we’re lucky, we might think of it once daily, but our old prayers just keep up their on-going chants.
If we have been depressed for some time, chanting some version of “Nothing is working for me,” we probably aren’t going to change our mood by thinking for 10 seconds that “All is well.” It will quickly be followed with “Nothing is working for me” because that thought has inertia. That thought has been given so much energy it’s in a repetitive groove.
Imagine a very, very long hose stretched out on the ground. You’ve turned on the faucet and water is flowing out the end of the hose. Suddenly, you have all the water you need. You turn the faucet off, but the water keeps coming because the hose is full. You know from experience that it won’t help to scream at the hose “Stop!”  It must first lose the inertia of flowing water. 
Maybe it’s the same with new prayer. We must keep praying it while only seeing the results of the old prayer. We fill up the hose from the faucet end with the new prayer, but it doesn’t come out the other end until the old prayer drains.
You’ve done this many times in your life and it has always worked. Keep praying your new prayer and trust that it is draining the inertia from the old prayer. The manifestation of the new prayer will begin to show up any day now.  If you have doubts, consider that the old prayers replaced even older prayers. Remember your successes with new prayers. Each day you pray that new prayer you are creating inertia for it. That’s what we all want: for our prayers to get up to the speed of creation.
My prayer:
I will find a way to pray daily and remember all of my successes.