I had an opportunity to witness a friend trying her best to be flawed. She had a partially constructed set of justifying reasons to back up her assertion that she had failed being perfect, but she couldn’t examine them too closely or the cracks would have been obvious. I have been in her shoes and I know the pain in the certainty of “wrong.”

Today I am intentionally immersed in the perfection of life.  I’m reminding myself that I’ve already made the decision to turn my life over to the care of Something Greater. I trust I am living in that care and I can assume there are useful experiences in all my thoughts and acts. 

I don’t want the job of self-assessing your “flaws” or mine.  I hope that changing ideas and new approaches to life await me. I can welcome the emerging ideas and appreciate and celebrate those old ideas fading away. Every one of them has served me well. 

I watched my friend forgetting that the ideas causing her to judge herself harshly had so recently been her truth. As her observer (and her friend) I could see in her the pain that comes with the declaration, “I failed.”  We all do it and, in that moment, we aren’t thinking some version of “From now on I’d like to do that differently” but, with a little surrender, a little kindness, and a little practice, we could.  I’m making this my prayer:

Today I’m turning blunders into blessings and flaws into flowers.