My Pen is Mightier Than My Memory

When I write down what I want, love, appreciate, and when I regularly read what I’ve written, I’m able to focus on it long enough to bring it into my life. My life is full of what I’ve written down and held in my focus. I love to read my want lists and check off all the blessings that pour in!

My list is my written prayer. It is my commitment to receiving. It is surrender.

As I read my list of desires, I often notice a greater clarity about some of the items. Seeing it in writing allows me to experience it and from that experience I adjust my prayer with some further nuance. I once wrote “I want to eat in restaurants more often.” As I continued to read it, I slowly added further details: ‘quiet.’‘ ‘great food,‘ ‘organic,‘ ‘vegetarian.’ I now, surprisingly, find myself living in a town with several quiet, organic, vegetarian restaurants where I regularly eat.

My pen brings my consciousness to my prayers. Writing my desires is powerful. It’s like looking in a mirror and seeing pieces of my future reflecting back.

Excerpted from my newest book, “Your Life Is Your Prayer,” co-authored with BJ GALLAGHER.