Mother Heart

Out of the dark comes this day. Let it be safe for us.
Let us pray into being a new life
Like no life we’ve known–
Life full of promises,
Life full of quiet grace,
Life full of Peace from the start,
New life from you, Mother Heart.

Out of the calm comes a sound, A melody of love.
The music surrounds us,
Like babies we’re held in its arms—
Rocked by the soothing voice,
Rocked by the loving choir,
Cradled in symphonic art,
Music from you, Mother Heart.

Out of her breast we are strong,
Fed by a voice within.
We’re longing to hear her,
To touch something deep in us all—
Guiding us on our way,
Leading us through our lives.
Keep us from drifting apart—
Whispers from you, Mother Heart,
From you, Mother Heart.

Excerpted from my newest book, “Your Life Is Your Prayer,” co-authored with BJ GALLAGHER.