I’m always asking for Guidance. I will listen for answers and follow what I hear.

It used to be that when I tore open a package and discovered something that required assembly, I would ignore the enclosed directions and just dive in. Proving I could do it alone was more important than doing it with ease and precision. But without direction, it was rarely easy and never perfect.

I require assembly. My life requires assembly. The most caring thing I can do is ask for direction from people I trust and respect or from the Divine. When I receive direction, the most caring thing I can do for myself is to follow it.

Today, I no longer need to take credit for figuring it out alone. But even if I could, it’s a hollow victory.

On the days I care about myself, I choose to be the student guided by you, the Teacher.

I have the heart and humility to be both listener and follower. It’s my greatest act of self-care.

My prayer:

I care enough to ask.
I care enough to listen.
I care enough to follow.

Excerpted from Your Life Is Your Prayer, Sam Beasley & BJ Gallagher, Mango, April 2019 “Your Life Is Your Prayer,”