Gratitude blesses my life

I find peace in financial stability. I am most aware of that stability and prosperity when I’m grateful for it.  I am most grateful for my prosperity when I identify the ways it shows up in my life. 

As I type this on a new laptop, my son is installing a smart tv in our house. I’ve had a wonderful time with friends and family in the last few days. As I look around me, I see that I live in a beautiful and beautifully decorated home. I have enough to be comfortable.  I have enough to share. I have enough.

There have been times in my life when I lived in deprivation and the constant threat of not enough, of self-disregard.  The incredible lack of care took a toll on my mental and emotional state and serenity was not a word I knew.  As I surrendered to my human need for self-care, I began to understand how much fiscal stability plays an essential part. It’s one of many pieces of accepting blessings.

Every one of those blessings can disappear in the moment I lose gratitude. It’s as if everything in an abundant bank account of self-care suddenly vanishes. I can re-fund that account in the moment I find gratitude in any single piece of this glorious life. I can regain tremendous wealth in being grateful for the warmth of the sun or the love of a friend. In that gratitude I am surrounded with care. 

Gratitude is my greatest tool. It may be that the number one thing for which I am most grateful is that I discovered and embraced gratitude. It is the greatest wealth I know.  If you aren’t in the habit of being intentionally consciously grateful, give it a try.  Pick something you love and marvel at its wonderfulness! Put a little gratitude in the bank—it’s the beginning of wealth.

Excerpted from my newest book, “Your Life Is Your Prayer,” co-authored with BJ GALLAGHER.